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Each of these colorations of the same print contains an illustration of a phoenix,
the mythological, almost immortal firebird known to have been reborn of the ashes from which it burned.
Each Three Dimensional image embedded within these prints represents
a different traditional mechanism of American warfare.
The goal of these stereograms was to combine 3D modeling, stereoscopic principles
and digital printing technologies to comment on the sometimes surreal serenity of daily american life
that is all too often underscored by our military presence in wars around the world.
The ornate phoenix also evokes the rise and fall of human societies,
as in Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451. Hopefully, as in the book,
humankind will remember the mistakes of its past,
celebrate culture and exalt collective conscience over individual importance.

If you need additional help seeing the illustration in this single image stereogram,
below is the hidden F-15 that appears in the above print:

The Boeing F-15 Eagle (shown below in context courtesy of the Department of Defense)
is an American-built all-weather tactical fighter designed to gain and maintain air superiority in aerial combat. It first flew in July 1972. The F-15E Strike Eagle derivative is an all-weather strike fighter that entered service in 1988. A variety of air-to-air weaponry can be carried by the F-15. An automated weapon system enables the pilot to perform aerial combat safely and effectively, using the head-up display and the avionics and weapons controls located on the engine throttles or control stick. When the pilot changes from one weapon system to another, visual guidance for the required weapon automatically appears on the head-up display. As of 2005, the F-15 in all air forces has a combined kill record of 104 kills to zero losses in air combat. Over half of the F-15's kills were made by Israeli Air Force pilots. In 197981 during Israeli-Lebanese border disputes, F-15As downed 13 Syrian MiG-21 'Fishbeds' and 2 Syrian MiG-25 'Foxbats', the latter being the aircraft the F-15 was designed to kill. In the 1982 Lebanon War, the Israeli F-15s shot down 40 Syrian jet fighters (23 MiG-21s and 17 MiG-23 'Floggers') and 1 Syrian SA.342L Gazelle helicopter. In 1985 during Syrian/Israeli skirmishes, Israel reported the downing of 2 Syrian MiG-23s by F-15s.

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